Is your money funding fossil fuel projects?

28 Feb 2020     |     Fran Hunter     |       3 minute read
Over the past decade, a little known government agency has been using UK taxpayers’ money to finance oil and gas projects abroad. We look at what this means for local communities and climate breakdown.

Does carbon offsetting work?

13 Feb 2020     |     Mike Childs     |       6 minute read
Offsetting. Everybody’s at it. Shell says that it offsets the petrol that its customers buy. The aviation industry has said offsetting is how we can carry on flying. Some countries even want to offset their emissions. But what is carbon offsetting and does it work?

Amazon fires: just one piece of the exploitation puzzle

29 Jan 2020     |       3 minute read
A year ago, we launched an appeal to support work in Brazil following devastating fires in the Amazon. Now the rainforest is burning again and compared to last July the number of fires in Brazil has increased by a terrifying 28%. Though the situation may have faded from media focus, colleagues, communities and allies need your help.

How to cope with eco anxiety

28 Jan 2020     |       3 minute read
With multiple councils and governments declaring a climate emergency, the worsening environmental situation can often feel overwhelming. Psychotherapist and lecturer Caroline Hickman discusses the phenomenon of "eco anxiety", and what to do about it.

A tree is just a tree... or is it?

19 Dec 2019     |       2 minute read
2019 was the year that trees became political. In response to increased concern around climate breakdown, and amidst the backdrop of a General Election, all of the main UK political parties pledged to increase tree cover. But what's the connection between trees and climate? Scientist Mat Disney explains.

Teach the Future and Friends of the Earth

04 Dec 2019     |     Craig Bennett     |       2 minute read
Friends of the Earth's CEO Craig Bennett introduces "Teach the Future", a collaborative campaign aimed at forcing a review into climate education across the UK's national curriculum and ensuring our young people receive an education that will prepare them for the future they are facing.

The fracking ban: what does it mean?

06 Nov 2019     |     Jamie Peters     |       3 minute read
So long fracking, it’s been emotional. Jamie Peters, our campaign lead on fracking, reflects on the government’s announcement of a halt on fracking, and what it means for campaigners – and the future of the industry.