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What can I do to stop climate change? Travel, food and more

The benefits of reining in climate change are big

From cleaner air and lower energy bills to less stress on the NHS.

We can't stop climate change, but we can prevent it getting much worse. The best thing you can do is put pressure on the government. By signing our petitions and turning up to our climate events, we’ll make sure your voice is heard.

You can also make changes in your everyday life. Here are some ideas you might want to try.

1. Power up on plants

Meat and dairy production is one of the biggest climate villains out there.

Too much meat is no good for your health either. Each year we could prevent thousands of early deaths in the UK, and save the NHS a fortune, by eating low-meat or no-meat diets.

Search for local farm shops to get seasonal ingredients that haven't been flown halfway across the world to your plate – or order a veg box straight to your door.

2. Get political

Just a short email can help. Write to your MP  over your concerns about climate change – or ask your local council  if it's investing money in dirty energy.

You don't have to do this alone. Make it part of your social life by joining a campaign group in your local area.

Together we can put pressure on our politicians to be more ambitious about cutting climate pollution.

3. Top up your fitness

Petrol and diesel cars spew out lots of climate-wrecking emissions. They also increase air pollution.

Most car trips in the UK are relatively short – under 5 miles. So it's fair to say many of us could be leaving the motor at home more than we are.

Top up your fitness and tackle climate change at the same time by cycling or walking. Too tired? Take the bus.

4. Get your electricity from the wind and the sun

Wouldn't it be nice to weaken the big climate polluters that burn fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas?

You can. In just 5 minutes you can switch to a green-energy provider, without any disruption to your supply. Every person choosing a green tariff adds to the movement for more renewables.

You could even be in for a surprise saving. Clean tariffs are often cheaper than the standard fixed-rate tariffs most UK households are on.

5. Sign our petition against fracking

With the latest climate change headlines still ringing in your ears, you might think it's a strange time for the government to be forcing fracking on us.

You'd be right. Fracking is a process to extract shale gas and shale oil. Burning these fossil fuels contributes to climate change.

Even with government help, it's taken the fracking industry 7 long years to frack just one well. Why? Because people are opposing it. Make sure your voice is heard by adding your name to our petition.

Fracking has started but we can still stop it text

6. Move to a green bank

Are your savings for the future being used to make that future worse? Choose a bank that invests in the type of things you agree with.

Our partner, Triodos, invests in socially and environmentally beneficial projects. Your money will help slow climate change, create jobs and drive green industries.

7. Take the train, not the plane

Your carbon emissions will be sky high if you fly frequently.

From the mountains of Snowdonia to Cornwall’s beautiful beaches, think about all the beautiful places in the UK you can reach without even looking at a plane.

Europe is home to some of the world's most beautiful train stations. From the botanical garden at Madrid Atocha, to the Neo-Baroque central station of Antwerp and the powerful Art Deco and Art Nouveau of Milano Centrale. Another reason to ditch the plane for the train.

8. Save energy at home

Even though a lot of our electricity now comes from renewables, the UK still powers up on a lot of climate-wrecking gas. So an energy-guzzling home is bad for the climate as well as your pocket.

Turning off lights and unplugging appliances will help, but your heating could be undoing all your good work. Make a dent in your carbon emissions by properly insulating your home. There are more eco-friendly heating options too, like smart controls and heat pumps.