European stories of COVID-19 solidarity

These illustrations by a young Irish artist, commissioned by Friends of the Earth Europe, are part of a project to delve into solidarity as a response to COVID-19 and climate injustice. They tell true stories of communities which have come together – resisting damaging hydro power in Bosnia, connecting people to the land and each other in Malta, giving practical help and friendship to isolated seniors in Poland, saving small-scale farmers in Spain, and bringing clean electricity to people in energy poverty in Croatia. 

Animations: © Friends of the Earth Europe / Zoe Shields Illustration

How a feminist network in Spain saved small farmers during the COVID-19 crisis

Stories of Solidarity: How a village in Bosnia and Herzegovina resisted plans for a devastating dam

How crowdfunding brought light to a rural community in Croatia

How a nature-loving priest in Malta created a welcoming community space

How volunteers in Poland helped isolated older people during the pandemic

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