A woman in a hijab and jilbaab standing on land with her fist in the air, and a smile on her face.

Digital exhibition From Scotland to Sarawak: Global stories of climate resistance

From Scotland to Sarawak opened in November at Tramway in Glasgow during COP26, the United Nations climate talks. Here, we present the digital exhibition for you to enjoy wherever you are.

Travelling across countries and over decades, the exhibition exposes how businesses and governments, both at home and globally, play a part in the unfair impacts of the climate crisis. 

From Scotland to Sarawak shows us that through collective resistance, we can build resilience and make change happen.

Before the mining started, our life was one with nature and the forest. We lived from the forest… It gave us a wide variety of vegetables, such as bamboo shoots and galingale. Galingale was not planted by us - it grew by itself. Today, we cannot find galingale anymore.

Pa Yusep, Gunung Karasik village

Image: Pa Yusep in abandoned mine and bordering rainforest near Gunung Karasik village, Indonesia. © Luka Tomac/ Friends of the Earth International

This exhibition was co-created with Friends of the Earth International, the world’s largest grassroots environmental federation. We also thank Friends of the Earth Europe and the many national Friends of the Earth groups who shared their stories and offered us hope.