Groundswell 2021: grassroots campaigning event

Groundswell 2021 is an online event hosted by Friends of the Earth.

When? 11, 12 and 13 June 2021

What? A weekend of free online talks and workshops open to anyone who's part of our grassroots network, or interested in joining.

Why? To join forces and build a movement that represents everyone, and plan local action for global climate justice.

Register for free and we'll send you a list of events and webinars to choose from, including a discussion on anti-racism and a planning session to mobilise ahead of global climate talks in Glasgow (COP 26).

What is climate justice?


Climate justice recognises the climate crisis as a social and political problem, as well as an environmental one.

It acknowledges that different communities feel the effects of the climate crisis differently, and that the responsibility for the crisis rests with some countries and companies more than others.

And it understands that the lives of those already facing injustice and oppression – like the LGBTQI+ community in Jamaica,  for example – are made harder by the impacts of the climate crisis.

People holding up climate justice banners at a climate change protest

Take climate action

Climate Action groups are the local solution to a global crisis.

Right now people just like you are coming together to make their towns and cities more climate friendly. And they're not alone. We provide every group with free webinars, resources and advice. It couldn't be simpler.

So, are you ready to join them?