What's insulation and can it save me money?

Published:  18 Aug 2022    |      3 minute read
Insulation may not be the sexiest topic, but with rising energy bills it’s worth brushing up on your knowledge and finding out whether it could benefit your home. Climate Campaigner Connor Schwartz answers your questions.

Will the next Prime Minister be good for the planet?

Published:  22 Jul 2022    |      5 minute read
After months of headlines and scandal, Boris Johnson is to step down as the Prime Minister and Conservative Party Leader in September 2022. Political Affairs Manager Adam Barnett weighs up the climate credentials of the two candidates vying to replace him – Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss – and offers his predictions on what to expect from each of our potential future leaders.

3 ways heat impacts our lives

Published:  15 Jul 2022    |      2 minute read
All over the country we’ve been experiencing the impact of high temperatures. This extreme weather condition is yet another consequence of global heating.

A 5-point plan to meet the UK's energy needs

Published:  23 Mar 2022    |      Last updated:  27 May 2022    |      2 minute read
The UK is in the midst of an energy crisis, yet the government's latest energy strategy just doesn't live up to the challenge. We have the solutions to ensure a cleaner, more affordable future for everyone, we just need government to act. Read Friends of the Earth's 5-point proposal to meet the UK's energy needs.

How can the UK secure affordable energy for everyone?

Published:  10 Mar 2022    |      4 minute read
The war in Ukraine has brought renewed focus on problems with the global energy market. But how can the UK ensure a stable supply of affordable energy and avoid fuelling conflict and climate breakdown across the globe? Climate Campaigner Danny Gross explores the options.