5 ways transport could change after COVID-19

Published:  27 May 2020    |      4 minute read     |        |    Eoin Redahan
Coronavirus has impacted all aspects of our lives, including the way we travel. But once the pandemic is over, are there ways we can improve our transport systems and make sustainable travel accessible and safe for all?

Government bailouts: put people and planet first

Published:  06 May 2020    |      4 minute read
Globally, COVID-19 has turned how our society works upside down, with massive impacts on health, jobs and how we live our lives. More and more people across the world are in financial and physical danger. As Rachel Kennerley explains, our government must make difficult decisions to help us recover both from the pandemic and from the climate crisis that we’re facing as well.

Post coronavirus: the future is what we build together

Published:  29 Apr 2020    |      3 minute read
Community action has been at the heart of how we’ve faced the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s how we’ll deal with the climate crisis too. Director of Engagement Maria Castellina reflects on the health crisis, and what we might hope for once the lockdown is lifted.

Communities fighting climate breakdown

Published:  29 Apr 2020    |      Last updated:  14 Jul 2020    |      4 minute read     |        |    Eoin Redahan
In just one year Climate Action groups have convinced councils to declare climate emergencies, lobbied for change at a local level, and brought communities together. Could your community do something similar?

How do trade deals affect the environment?

Published:  24 Apr 2020    |      3 minute read
Government decisions impact upon the climate and ecological crises in multiple ways, and trade deals are one of them. From fair and sustainable supply chains to upholding high standards, campaigner Kierra Box explores what can be done to make trade deals environmentally friendly.

Toxic trade timeline

Published:  23 Apr 2020    |      Last updated:  13 Oct 2020    |      4 minute read
How can we stop the UK government rushing through dangerous trade deals with the US? Trade Campaigner Kierra Box highlights key moments and correspondence between government and Friends of the Earth over a forthcoming trade deal.

Is your money funding fossil fuel projects?

Published:  28 Feb 2020    |      Last updated:  08 Sep 2020    |      4 minute read     |        |    Fran Hunter
Over the past decade, a little known government agency has been using UK taxpayers’ money to finance oil and gas projects abroad. We look at what this means for local communities and climate breakdown.