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Reckless UK companies are profiteering from treating our lands and seas like a dumping ground. 

From water companies dumping sewage to big factory farms chucking their waste in our rivers. It's putting our health, and the future of precious species and habitats, at risk. 

If only we could punish polluters for the damage they cause...

Friends of the Earth is campaigning for a new law to tackle the problem head on. One that would ensure our right to a healthy environment here in the UK, and help hold polluters to account. 

All of us, everywhere, deserve the right to live in an environment that isn’t plagued by pollution. 

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Welcome to Sh*t Beach

Is this the new normal?

Let's be honest, a trip to the seaside is now more likely to serve up a stench of sewage rather than the nostalgic waft of paper-wrapped chips. And there’s a higher chance of spotting brown foam on a riverside walk, instead of otters and kingfishers.  

But it’s not just sewage that’s the problem. Every day, pesticides, slurry and microplastics are infiltrating our rivers and seas, turning them into a national health hazard and destroying the homes of many beloved British species.

Person in yellow hazmat suit sits on a deckchair in front of a jetty. A sign reads "Welcome to Sh*t Beach"

A new law to protect nature

The wellbeing of people and planet is reliant on us all thriving in healthy environments. It shouldn't be too much to ask to:

  • breathe clean air 
  • drink clean water 
  • swim safely in our rivers and lakes
  • access nature that's flourishing. 

But right now, vulnerable communities across the UK are suffering the effects of unhealthy environments. With a new human right enshrined in law, we could ensure future generations are protected from dirty air and polluted waters.

Beachgoers walk among sewage and rubbish at Blackpool seaside