Two women digging into a grass lawn with a wheelbarrow behind them

Postcode Gardener in Hackney, London E5

Hackney, London E5

Once one of the most nature-deprived areas in the country, Daubeney Fields in Hackney is now flourishing with wildflower meadows and pollinator-friendly plants. All dug and sown by the local community with help from their Postcode Gardener Steph, and community ecologist Gerry Tissier.

They're now creating a 4 km "Buzzline" which will wind its way from Daubeney Fields to Mabely Green, with pit stops of larger planting areas at parks along the way. Young people have started planting beds full of nectar-rich flowers to feed bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

Steph Postcode Gardener in Hackney

Connecting kids with nature

“It's lovely to see how engaged the children in Hackney are with the gardening project. They’ve loved getting their hands in the soil, watching the plants grow and connecting with the community."

"It’s a fun way to teach kids about nature and get them excited about protecting the planet by starting on their doorstep. The best part is that it hasn’t cost these residents a penny and it will be free for them to enjoy long into the future.”

Children digging and planting in a large flower bed

A lot of people in Hackney don’t have gardens.

By getting involved in the local gardens, you get the opportunity to play your part in tackling the environmental crisis by preserving habitats for pollinators and quite literally getting your hands in the soil to make a difference in your neighbourhood.

Gardening is a team effort, working together in a garden helps foster collaboration and teamwork. It brings people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels together to contribute towards a common goal.