Photo of Friends of the Earth bee cause charity wedding favours set amongst plant pots, dried flowers and trowel

Wedding favours - personalised packs of wildflower seeds

Looking for unique wedding favours for your Big Day? Create a personalised gift for your guests, and inspire them to grow wildflowers to help save bees.
  Published:  15 Jan 2018    |      2 minute read

Wildflower Favours are specialists in eco-friendly wedding favours. Friends of the Earth has teamed up with them to create a unique gift that's designed to help save bees.

Personalised wedding favours

The pretty seed packets, with a bee design, are printed on recycled manilla paper. You can personalise them with the happy couples' names, and the date, to commemorate the Big Day.

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Photo of Friends of the Earth bee cause charity wedding favours set amongst plant pots, dried flowers and trowel

Perfect for a 'nature' or 'rustic' wedding theme

It's no secret that bees are in decline. Since 1900, we’ve lost around 13 species of bee in the UK and a further 35 are at risk. Giving away wildflower seeds at your nature-themed wedding is a great way to help save bees and give nature a helping hand.

Our Bee Cause Wedding Favours contain seeds that provide a valuable source of nectar and pollen for bees, as well as valuable shelter. They include plants such as Selfheal, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Field Scabious and Lesser Knapweed seeds. These perennial wildflowers will grow year after year, providing a gift to bees which long outlast most wedding favours.

Wildflower Favours wedding seeds pack - back
Wildflower Favours wedding seeds pack - back
Credit: Wildflower Favours

Friends of the Earth is campaigning to reverse the decline of all bee species including solitary bees, bumblebees and the honey bee. By doing something as easy as planting seeds we can help lots of pollinating insects including bees, hoverflies, beetles, flies, butterflies and moths.

Affordable wedding favours

At just £1.25 per pack, Bee Cause Wedding Favours make a budget-friendly gift to give to your wedding guests. And Wildflower Favours will donate 50p from every pack to Friends of the Earth’s Bee Cause campaign, to protect all British bees.

"Friends of the Earth is doing incredible work to inspire people with the Bee Cause campaign and working tirelessly to protect Britain’s bees, we are so pleased our products can support their work."

Teresa, Founder of Wildflower Favours
Wedding cake
Credit: Kim Appleby Photography

Did you know? Bees and weddings

St Valentine
As well as being the saint who lends his name to the day of love, he is also the patron saint of beekeepers. So a bee-friendly wedding favour makes a nice little tribute to the bee-friendly saint.

A honeymoon is one of the sweetest moments for a newly-wed couple. It's commonly the first holiday they spend together to celebrate their marriage. But in ancient times a honeymoon referred to the time of year when bee honey was ripe and cured to be harvested from hives or from the wild. It was literally the sweetest time of the year. This was usually around the summer solstice near the end of June.

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