Plastic-free valentine gifts

Have a heart this Valentine's Day – avoid adding to the plastic choking our oceans and sea life. Check out our plastic-free ideas for the most romantic gifts on the planet.
  Published:  02 Feb 2018    |      Last updated:  10 Feb 2021    |      2 minute read

1. Send an ecard

190 million Valentine's Day cards are exchanged annually, according to the Greeting Card Association. How many of those end up in the bin? Not to mention the plastic wrapping.

Selection of Valentine's Day ecards
Selection of our Valentine's Day ecards

Browse our selection of Valentine's ecards and do the planet a favour. An added bonus? Ecards can get sent the very same day, great for those of you who are prone to forget.

2. A breath of fresh air

A rainy overcast day at Tarn Hows in the heart of the Lake District.
Credit: Sagesolar/Flickr

Let nature work its magic. If you're in the same COVID bubble, take that special someone on a romantic walk close to home.

Whether you're lucky enough to live near Tarn Hows (pictured) or your closest bit of nature is a small urban square, time outdoors could be a breath of fresh air for you both. Whatever you do, prioritise safety and stick to local COVID-19 regulations.

3. Be crafty, in a good way

You don’t need to be a genius to be creative. Can you make your Valentine a beautiful card? Or maybe you got your bake on during lockdown and now know how to make sourdough? Can you sew something that mildly resembles a piece of clothing? Whatever you create, chances are your efforts will be appreciated (but potentially laughed at).

4. Zero-waste chocolate

Chocolates are a natural go-to on Valentine's day, yet many are wrapped in plastic wrapping that hardly ever gets recycled. Make the gift that bit sweeter this year by sourcing your gift from a plastic-free shop.

The ethical superstore offer a range of options, plus they deliver.

5. Produce a custom playlist

A mixtape on top of scattered CDs
Credit: Hanul/Flickr

That's a mixtape to those over 35. Strike a chord with your dearest love or your secret crush by producing your own playlist on Spotify or YouTube. Here's some inspiration: "You're too good to be true", Lauryn Hill version; "Bloom" by Paper Kites; "LOVE" by Jhené Aiko.

6. Dedicate a song

Nick Grimshaw presenting his Radio 1 Breakfast Show on 24 Sept. 2012
Credit: James Cridland/Flickr

If you're a fan of public displays of affection, or just get a kick out of embarrassing people, go old school and dedicate a song to them on their favourite radio show. You can always send them a link to the broadcast to make sure they haven't missed it.

7. Gift an experience

A woman practising yoga on a purple Liforme mat

Nothing says "I love you" like supporting your other half to reach their goals. Help them become better at what they enjoy doing by gifting them an experience – like an online language class. If your Valentine is a yoga enthusiast, and you're feeling generous, you could even buy them one of Liforme's eco mats (pictured).