No-deal must now be taken off the table to protect the environment says Friends of the Earth

Press release
Friends of the Earth is calling on party leaders to come together and take ‘no-deal’ off the table following Theresa May’s Brexit deal being rejected by parliament this evening (15 January).
  Published:  15 Jan 2019    |      1 minute read

The environmental campaign group says that a no-deal Brexit would have an immediate effect on the environment; from the dirty emissions which come from turning Kent into a car-park to deal with border queues, to rubbish and recycling which we can no-longer export to Europe piling up around the UK.

However, Friends of the Earth argue that it is the long-term environmental consequences of a no-deal Brexit which means it must be taken off the table, and that Article 50 should be extended until a solution which doesn’t threaten our health and environment is found.

Craig Bennett, Friends of the Earth chief executive, said:

“Theresa’s May’s deal is now firmly in the dustbin and we’re sleep-walking our way to a no-deal Brexit - this would be catastrophic for the environment.

“With climate chaos and nature in rapid decline, our environment is already in a worrying state. A no-deal Brexit would leave the UK without all the environmental protections we need, and nobody to enforce the ones we do have. Not only that, but political desire to get the economy moving will likely lead to pressure to lower standards to secure quick trade deals, and the chaos of a no deal could push much needed environmental ambition to the back of the queue.

“Whatever happens next, a no-deal Brexit must be taken off the table and the timeline paused until we have a better solution. Nobody voted for a Brexit that threatens our wildlife, our health and our environment.”