Level up for your planet - gaming consoles and planet Earth

Game for your planet Fundraise for Friends of the Earth

Host a 24-hour sponsored gaming marathon

Reach for the next level and help fundraise for Friends of the Earth.

It’s not game over for our planet yet, but we do need urgent action now. Make a difference and host your own 24-hour gaming marathon.​

​Stream the marathon online and ask your gaming community to sponsor you and raise crucial funds to tackle the climate emergency. Are you game enough?

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How it works

Pick your goal: Are you going to attempt a 24-hour marathon in one go, or split it over the course of a week? Game solo or get your virtual network to game with you?

JustGiving: Set-up a fundraising page on JustGiving and explain the challenge.

Live stream: Live streaming is when you broadcast a video live. We recommend you use the platform Twitch to do this. Using Twitch will allow your friends and family to watch your progress and join in, and generate a new following – which could help you to raise even more funds. If you're totally new to Twitch and live streaming, you can find out more on how to use it via the JustGiving website. If you don’t want to set up a Twitch account, you could live stream on Facebook or Instagram instead.

Broadcasting tools: If you're going to use Twitch you’ll need to download a broadcasting tool – it helps you to record videos and live stream them.

Promote your fundraiser: Get your gaming community involved with playing, watching and sponsoring. Remember to share your JustGiving page with friends and family on social media, and ask them to sponsor your 24-hour marathon.

Stay safe: Get a good night's sleep before your marathon. On the day, stay hydrated, eat well and take breaks. Remember to keep yourself and others safe. Ensure you follow the rules where you are.

Where your money goes

Your donations to Friends of the Earth Charitable Trust will help us protect the wellbeing of people and planet, including our work to fight the climate emergency.

  • £500 can help fund our Policy and Insight Team's vital research on climate solutions.
  • £1,000 can help fund our team of lawyers to challenge high-profile cases, like stopping airport expansion and ending government investment of fossil fuel projects abroad.

For more information, sign up and receive your free fundraising pack.

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Why fundraise for Friends of the Earth?

Friends of the Earth has a great track record when it comes to environmental successes. Over the past year we: 

✔️ Helped stop the UK government funding fossil fuel projects abroad

✔️ Triggered industry action on plastic pollution 

✔️ Supported over 230 local Climate Action groups in developing community solutions to the climate crisis. 

With your help, we'll continue our work to make the planet greener, healthier and safer for everyone.

Woman gaming with console