Welcome to our community.

Welcome to our community

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What you need to know about climate breakdown

Anyone can tell the weather is getting wilder and affecting us all.

Heatwaves, hurricanes, flooding and sea-level rise are displacing millions of the world's poorest people. We're in a climate emergency. But there are signs of hope.

More and more people, like us, are getting together to take action.

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Plastic – what's the problem?

In the past 100 years humans have produced a lot of plastic. It's cheap, strong, light and versatile.

The problem is, eventually this plastic ends up in the environment – sticking around for ages – polluting our oceans and soils, and threatening our wildlife.

Discover how you can reduce plastic pollution in your home with our top tips.

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Why should the UK double tree cover?

Trees are superheroes at combating climate chaos. They remove planet-warming emissions from the air around us.

That's why we urgently need more of them. The UK's tree coverage is measly compared to our European counterparts.

But with you on board, we're doing everything we can to double UK forest.

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to protect climate and nature.

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Our promise to you

Fundraising is vital for our work. We couldn’t exist without your donations, so we promise to spend them carefully. Here are some more promises:

  • We promise to treat you with respect and fairness.
  • We promise to listen to you and respond.
  • We promise to use your details responsibly.

Should you have any questions about your donations or the work you fund please call our Supporter Care Team on 0800 581 051 or use our contact form.

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