Neighbours coming together in Hackney to make their streets and front gardens greener

Help fund your postcode gardener London E5

E5's community gardener

In 2018, residents in London E5 took part in our 10xGreener project and crowdfunded to hire the UK's first ever "postcode gardener", Kate. Since then, she and the community have been hard at work making E5 streets greener, wilder and healthier.

Kate has run many different activities – such as tree planting, de-paving, seed sowing, and planting around street trees. She's also run community projects, like creating an anti-pollution garden on the Linzell Estate and a weekly summer gardening club.

Funding E5's green areas

Nature takes time to really flourish.

We're only just seeing the results of our first year in E5, and the impact of all the work done in 2019 won't really start to show until 2020. Plus, there's so much more we want to do.

If we get enough funding, we'll be able to do even more greening, involve more people in activities, and maintain the amazing work done so far. But we know it's really hard to keep initiatives like this going in the long term.

Support E5's Postcode Gardener and help keep the area 10xGreener.

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Support your postcode gardener

We need your support.

We want to try something different – a model where anyone from the community can contribute regularly, so we can keep E5 green now and in the future.

We believe that if as many people as possible give regular support to the fund, the whole community will benefit from the stability this will give to the project.

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