Doing a world of good Earthmovers winners 2021

Organised by Friends of the Earth and supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, Earthmovers Awards recognise the inspiring work of local environmental groups in their communities.

From Darlington in County Durham to Torfaen in Wales, get inspired by what these local groups have achieved.

WisWin, East and Central, England

The WisWin group formed just before the pandemic to campaign against a planned mega incinerator in Wisbech town. They took action by:

  • Informing the public about the real threat of the incinerator. The town is now decorated with over 100 "No Wisbech Incinerator" banners.
  • Collecting 2,500 signatures on their petition to tax incinerators.
  • Attending public consultation events about the incinerator build.
  • Hosting a rally of 200 people, including the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Metro Mayor who spoke out against the incinerator.

As a result, Fenland Council and other local councils have declared their objection to the proposed incinerator.

An older man standing with a large banner on a gate which reads 'NO WISBECH INCINERATOR'

Darlington Friends of the Earth, North East, England

Darlington Friends of the Earth took a creative approach to campaigning when Skerningham Woodland was under threat.

The ancient woodland was in danger of being destroyed to make way for a housing development.

To raise awareness of their campaign, the group used the Local Group Support Fund to create a wonderful film featuring footage of the site and interviews with local people. We’ll let it speak for itself.

Mann Island, Liverpool

Liverpool Friends of the Earth, North West, England

During the May election campaign, Liverpool Friends of the Earth managed to persuade now elected Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram to sign their Climate Action Pledge. This was a significant achievement as he'd been holding out on committing to taking climate action.

They also organised a Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor election hustings event and built alliances locally through the campaign. A great show of collaboration and tireless campaigning!

Mann Island, Liverpool
Six people of various ages and genders holding and posing with a sign that reads 'Friends of the Earth, see things differently'

Hillingdon Friends of the Earth, London, England

Hillingdon Friends of the Earth worked closely with their council to make their Climate Action Plan stronger.

They won some important changes to the plan and established themselves as key partners with the council in its work to tackle the climate crisis.

As well as this, they ran a successful debate with local candidates for the London elections, getting several to sign up to Friends of the Earth’s Climate Action Plan for London. They continued their work and kept up the pressure on decision makers throughout the year on plastics and HS2.

Six people of various ages and genders holding and posing with a sign that reads 'Friends of the Earth, see things differently'
Airplanes on a runway waiting to take off

West Yorkshire groups and GALBA, Yorkshire and Humber, England

Thanks to amazing campaigning from the West Yorkshire Friends of the Earth network and community campaign group GALBA, the Leeds Bradford airport expansion has been placed on hold by the Secretary of State.

They achieved this win by launching a petition and lobbying local politicians from across West Yorkshire to put pressure on Leeds City Council to reject the application.

The fight continues - show your support and sign the petition now.

Airplanes on a runway waiting to take off
Placard reading 'There is on Planet B' in a crowd of people at a protest

Climate Action West Midlands, England

Climate Action West Midlands' school Climate Champions project, Further, Faster Together has engaged passionate and committed young people, including students from seven West Midlands schools.

Their project has successfully helped drive several Local Authorities and the West Midlands Combined Authority to declare a Climate Emergency.

This project has been instrumental in creating the next generation of climate campaigners.

Placard reading 'There is on Planet B' in a crowd of people at a protest
Dunsfold, near Godalming from Waverely

Waverley Friends of the Earth, South East, England

Waverley Friends of the Earth ran an impressive campaign to stop an application by UK Oil and Gas to drill at Dunsfold, near Godalming.

Despite a lot of pressure from the company, and never refusing an application like this before, Surrey councillors recognised the huge impact the application for an exploratory drill would have had on the local community, businesses, traffic, the environment and nearby Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Dunsfold, near Godalming from Waverely

Celebrating the whole network

This year we’re giving a special award to our entire network for all their hard work over the last year, despite the trying circumstances. It’s not been an easy time for our groups to campaign and be heard on issues that matter locally, and they’ve had to adapt to new ways of organising too. They’re a credit to us – thank you.

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