European Commission urges nations to cut pesticide use

11 Oct 2017
Government must help farmers get off chemical treadmill, says Friends of the Earth. Bee-harming pesticides must be banned.

Commenting on a new report from the European Commission which concludes that progress towards reducing the impacts of pesticides has been too slow, Friends of the Earth's bee and nature campaigner, Sandra Bell, said:

“Pesticides remain one of the biggest threats to our precious wildlife, including the insects that farmers rely on for pollination and pest control. 

“Action must be stepped up to reduce reliance on chemical pest control, and increase research and development into more innovative ways of protecting crops.

“Farmers up and down the country are trying to farm with nature instead of against it, but they need more support from the government and NFU to get off the chemical treadmill.

“Michael Gove has promised us a better environment after Brexit – this must include a ban on bee-harming chemicals and a commitment to a reduction in the use of all pesticides.”