Gove backs new restrictions on bee-harming neonicotinoid pesticides

Success for Friends of the Earth bee campaign as Michael Gove listens to the experts
  09 Nov 2017    |      1 min

Welcoming Michael Gove’s decision to back tougher restrictions on bee-harming pesticides, Friends of the Earth’s chief executive Craig Bennett said:

“Michael Gove is to be congratulated for listening to the experts. The scientific evidence for a complete ban on bee-harming pesticides is now overwhelming.

“Tougher restrictions on neonicotinoids are essential for our precious bees and the wider environment – and a significant victory for the public and supporters of organisations like Friends of the Earth who have called for tougher action on these chemicals.

“To their credit farmers across the UK are already finding innovative ways to successfully grow crops without neonicotinoids, even ahead of the ban being extended.

“But lessons also need to be learned – we now need to move away from chemical intensive farming and instead boost support for less damaging ways of tackling persistent weeds and pests.

“The UK must follow through on today’s announcement by backing current European Commission proposals to get these pesticides completely out of our fields.”