Khan plans to ban traffic from part of Oxford Street

The Mayor of London announces plans to pedestrianise part of central London. More areas need to be pedestrianised too to reduce air pollution in the city.
  06 Nov 2017    |      1 min

Commenting on London Mayor Sadiq Khan's announcement to pedestrianise part of Oxford Street, Jenny Bates, Friends of the Earth air pollution campaigner, said:

“Pedestrianising part of Oxford Street is a good way to cut traffic, reduce air pollution and create an enjoyable space in the heart of London. Sadiq should consider pedestrianising other areas of Central London too.

“Designing a clean and attractive environment will benefit the health of Londoners and visitors alike, and also help boost businesses.

“However, alternative routes for safe cycling must be provided at the same time – encouraging cycling is also an essential way to cut traffic and clean up our dirty air.”