New data reveals Silvertown tunnel pollution scandal – project must be scrapped says Friends of the Earth

29 Aug 2017
New data reveals that the proposed Silvertown tunnel will make air pollution worse in East London.

Friends of the Earth is calling for plans for a new road tunnel in East London to be scrapped after a fresh assessment revealed that air pollution levels - currently illegally high in the area - would be made worse by the tunnel. 

 Transport for London (TfL) were forced to re-assess the air pollution impact of the proposed Silvertown tunnel after Friends of the Earth pointed out that they needed to take the government's recent Air Quality Plan into account. The government’s new Air Quality Plan was forced by the courts to use more realistic assumptions about pollution levels, and so now paints a more accurate picture of the terrible air pollution in London. 

 However, despite clearly worsening air pollution, TfL still argue the proposed tunnel should go ahead. 

Jenny Bates, Friends of the Earth air pollution campaigner, said: 

 “Londoners lungs are already suffering from some of the worst pollution in the country and we must be doing everything we can to make that better, not add to the problem. 

 “Transport for London have said that it’s OK to make air worse here, because other areas in London are even worse - and so it won’t be this project which holds up the city’s ability to comply with legal limits. 

 “But when we’re talking about people’s lives being blighted by health problems and cut short because of the toxic air we’re breathing, increasing pollution for anyone is unacceptable.  

 “If the Mayor is serious about dealing with air pollution and improving the lives of Londoners then he must scrap this project before it starts. If he doesn't withdraw it, the government must reject it.”