UK to appear in EU court over failure to clean up dirty air

The European Commission announced today that the UK government is among the countries which will face the EU courts over continued failures to meet Nitrogen Dioxide standards set by the EU.
  Published:  17 May 2018    |      1 minute read

Reacting to the latest legal action against the UK government over dirty air Jenny Bates, clean air campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said:

“Time and time again the UK government has faced legal action in the UK courts, and now from Europe itself, over its failure to clean up the toxic air we breathe with enough urgency. With repeated legal cases and tens of thousands of early deaths each year from dirty air in the UK, one must ask the question; what will it take to make the government act?

“The benefits of cleaner air would be shared by everybody - with clearer roads, more liveable cities and towns, and fewer days off sick. We all have the right to clean air, though government inaction suggests they think differently.”

See statement from the European Commission for a full statement and outline of legal action.