Climate change and the campaign against fossil fuels

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Tackling climate change in 2017

18 Jul 2017 | 689 kB PDF file
5 priorities for the UK government to meet its Paris climate agreement commitments and create the foundation for a strong, clean, secure and decarbonised UK economy. Parliamentary briefing. (24 pages)

The acid test

15 Aug 2018 | 383 kB PDF file
Acid stimulation uses acid to stimulate oil and gas wells to increase production. We explain the terms used, the risks associated with the process and our concerns.

The future of home heating

02 Aug 2018 | 400 kB PDF file
The government is grappling with how to decarbonise home heating to reach its climate targets. We lay out our recommendations, including making the best of the UK’s renewable resources. (16 pages)
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