National support for fracking at another record low

The government's own survey is released today and it shows support for fracking is tiny.
  02 Nov 2017    |      1 min

UK support for fracking is at its lowest recorded level according to the latest BEIS Energy and Climate Change Public Attitude Tracker report released today (2 November). Support for fracking has decreased from 16% to just 13%.

The same survey found that 36% of people polled were opposed: up from 33% last time the government commissioned this poll in August.

Rose Dickinson, Friends of the Earth campaigner, said:

“Again, the government has asked the public what they think, and again, they don’t want fracking - the tiny support fracking does have is now at a record low.

“This survey comes at a critical time because the Secretary of State, Greg Clark, is deciding if he should grant the final permission to frack in England.

“Now, as Mr Clark considers that decision in light of the highest recorded levels of public opposition, he can still decide to stop fracking.”