No to weaker regulations for unwanted shale gas 'prize'

Fracking company Cuadrilla have announced results of gas levels in Lancashire at the same time as calling for weaker fracking regulations.
  Published:  06 Feb 2019    |      1 minute read

Reacting to Cuadrilla’s announcement today (6 February 2019) that initial gas flow test results at their Preston New Road site in Lancashire have revealed a high level of gas flow, but that the industry is calling for a weakening of regulations, Jamie Peters, Friends of the Earth anti-fracking campaigner, said:

“The amount of gas under our feet in Lancashire is irrelevant when we know that they cannot extract it without triggering earthquakes.

“It’s pretty insidious for the industry to suggest that if we want the shale gas ‘prize’, we have to accept weaker regulations. Particularly when that ‘prize’ means more climate chaos.

“The industry talked-up its strong regulations, right up until the point when they found they couldn’t work within them.

“Local opposition to fracking in Lancashire has never wavered and, despite today’s news attempting to give some positive spin to an otherwise flailing industry, the fight to stop fracking will continue.”