Youth strikers at the Global Climate Strike, 20 September 2019

Climate change Local solutions to a global crisis

Monthly strikes. Protests. Scary headlines.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Good news, we may well have the solution...

Take Climate Action

Climate Action groups are the local solution to a global crisis.

Right now people just like you are coming together to make their towns and cities more climate friendly. And they're not alone. We provide every group with free webinars, resources and advice. It couldn't be simpler.

So, are you ready to join them?

Demand change

A plan to tackle the climate crisis is long overdue.

But instead our government keeps making climate-wrecking decisions, such as expanding airports and funding overseas fossil fuel industries.

If we're to create greener, more sustainable communities, we need local councils to lead the way and show national government how it's done.

The Climate Action Plan

The climate crisis is complicated – we get that. Which is why we don't expect people to fight climate breakdown alone.

Our experts and policy-makers have put together a 50-point plan for councils and communities to work on together.

The aim? Greener, more sustainable communities where children can breathe clean air, warm homes don't cost the earth to heat and everyone, whether living in a city or a village, has access to nature.

What causes climate change?

Our planet is warmer now than at any point in the past 800,000 years, and heating fast. This is mainly a result of the huge increase in the amount of coal, oil and gas we’ve been burning since the industrial revolution, pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Other things contribute too, such as deforestation, which means trees absorb less of these gases; and other greenhouse gases such as methane from cows.

Photo: Dikaseva

Who does climate change affect?

Climate change is devastating people's lives all over the world. With drought, storms, floods, crop damage and sea-level rise, millions are fleeing their homes. And it's the world’s poorest who are hardest hit.


The UN Refugee Agency says climate change adds to many of today’s conflicts — from Darfur to Somalia to Iraq and Syria.

The effects will get worse as temperatures rise further. So we must cut greenhouse gas emissions to stop temperatures rising.

People also need protection from the climate change we can no longer avoid. That means financial support for developing countries and legal protection for climate refugees.

My money can make a difference