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Briefing: Net Zero Strategy legal challenge

01 Jun 2022 | 160 kB PDF file
On Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 June, the High Court will hear cases brought by Friends of the Earth, ClientEarth and the Good Law Project for judicial review of the government’s flagship climate policy, the Net Zero Strategy. All three NGOs allege that the government has breached the Climate Change Act 2008.

This briefing outlines why Friends of the Earth have brought the case and our aims: to get a Net Zero Strategy that contains a more credible and worked out plan that shows how we'll meet the carbon budgets set in law, greater transparency to improve scrutiny of the government’s plans, so it can be held accountable for any shortfall, and to strengthen the operation of the Climate Change Act.

Green steel and Cumbrian coal: a Friends of the Earth briefing

10 May 2022 | 178 kB PDF file
Communities Secretary Michael Gove will soon decide whether to grant planning permission for a controversial new coal mine near Whitehaven to provide coking coal for the steel industry.

This briefing demonstrates how demand for Whitehaven coal in its target markets is likely to fall steeply in the next 15 years, risking leaving the mine as a stranded asset.

Whether you're a policy maker or a local group, use this briefing to show why a new coal mine in Cumbria is a bad idea.

Briefing: Horse Hill oil development Court of Appeal judgement

31 Mar 2022 | 183 kB PDF file
Months after declaring a climate emergency, Surrey County Council granted planning permission for an oil development that would extract over 3 million tonnes of oil over 20 years. Friends of the Earth supported Ms Sarah Finch (on behalf of Weald Action Group), and took the government to court to challenge Surrey County Council’s decision not to take into account the full climate impact of the oil development in the context of the current climate emergency. The case went before the High Court in November 2020, and concluded that the council’s decision was lawful. While this is disappointing, the judgment is an improvement in climate terms on the High Court judgment delivered in December 2020. If Ms Finch brings an appeal and this goes to the Supreme Court, Friends of the Earth will continue to support the case.

Whether you're a group or an individual, you can use this resource to lobby your local decision makers to ensure they don't defend this and other fossil fuel developments.

Earthmatters Spring 2022

07 Mar 2022 | 5.4 MB PDF file
Download the spring 2022 issue of Friends of the Earth's biannual magazine Earthmatters.

The issue includes top climate stories from across the globe, a breakdown of the legal challenges we're taking on to put a stop to fossil fuel reliance, and a quick dive into the wonders of farming with trees.

Chair recruitment pack

13 Dec 2021 | 233 kB PDF file
This pack includes a welcome from Vice Chair and our Co-Executive Directors, all about Friends of the Earth, our values, strategy and business plan, the role description and how to apply and key dates.