Climate change and the campaign against fossil fuels Reports

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Climate Action Plan for schools and colleges

29 Jun 2021 | 6.87 MB PDF file
Are you a teacher or do you work with young people?

Find out how to encourage climate-positive behaviour and meaningful action with these 50 easy measures for schools and colleges.

Our free guide includes tips to reduce the impact of transport, food, nature, energy and waste - and ideas for cost savings while delivering on the curriculum.

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Episode 20: What’s wrong with the Policing Bill?

11 Jun 2021 | 23.23 MB MP3 file
Head of Political Affairs Dave Timms and Mattey Mitchell from Friends, Families and Travellers reflect on the dangers of the government's controversial new Policing Bill, including the risk it poses to peaceful protest and how the bill affects the rights of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities.

Draft environmental principles policy statement – Friends of the Earth response

04 Jun 2021 | 181 kB PDF file
On 10 March 2021, the UK government opened a consultation on the Draft Statement on Environmental Principles. Government promised that overhauling these environmental principles would “put them at the heart of government” and make sure the environment was not just an afterthought. But we have significant concerns.
Read the Friends of the Earth consultation response here, submitted 2 June 2021.

Episode 19: Do local elections matter?

27 Apr 2021 | 12.78 MB MP3 file
On 6 May, communities across Wales and much of England will be voting in a series of elections for their next Metro Mayor, local council and Senedd representatives.
We speak to Connie and Jackie, local campaigners in Friends of the Earth's network of grassroots groups, to find out what they want local candidates to prioritise and what they're doing to make sure climate is a priority for all parties.

Mini-series: A better future, episode 3

01 Apr 2021 | 19.31 MB MP3 file
A green, low-carbon future means new jobs and industries that are good for the environment and the people in them. But what counts as a green job, how do you get one, and what should government be doing to create more?

Louisa and Danny chat to Clare Linton from Urban Transport Group and Lola Fayokun from Teach The Future about how to get a green job.