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The energy crisis

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Why have our energy bills risen?

Since early 2022, more and more of us have struggled to cope with rising energy bills. For some people, the situation is pushing them into an impossible choice between heating and eating.

Meanwhile, fossil fuel companies continue to log enormous profits. So why have our bills increased and what should we do to ensure we never end up in this crisis again?

Close up photo of gas stove lit up

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Keep people warm this winter

Energy crisis hotspots

The energy crisis affects some communities worse than others. Our research shows that there are almost 9,000 energy crisis "hotspots" across the UK.

Energy crisis hotspots are neighbourhoods where energy use is high (often because homes are lack adequate insulation) and typical household income is below the national average.

Type your postcode into the map to see whether you live in a crisis hotspot.

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Community action

Initiated by Friends of the Earth, United for Warm Homes is an alliance of community groups of all different backgrounds, united by a common goal - warm homes that don't cost the earth.

The driving belief behind our coalition is that when we come together, we become a force too powerful to be ignored. 

Check out whether there's a group in your area and see if they're a part of the campaign.

A collection of people within the silhouette of a warm home

The human impact

Colin, who lives with cancer, saw his energy bill double overnight. His oncologist asked him to keep his flat at a certain temperature, but he couldn't afford to.

Colin is one of millions struggling to afford their energy bills.

Government action is falling far too short of what’s desperately needed to help people like Colin.