Fracking to begin in Lancashire after injunction turned down

Fracking can now go ahead at the Preston New Road site in Lancashire after an application for an injunction was turned down by the court today.
  Published:  12 Oct 2018    |      1 minute read

The injunction was applied for by Lancashire resident, Bob Dennett, over emergency planning procedures at the site. An additional legal challenge brought by Friends of the Earth regarding regulation at the site is still being considered by the High Court.

Jamie Peters, Friends of the Earth fracking campaigner, who was at the court, said:

“Today’s court ruling is sad news for local residents who’ve long fought against this dirty industry and the risks it poses to their environment and the climate.

“In a week in which the scale of action needed to stop climate chaos has dominated the headlines, it is simply wrong to be heralding the start of a new fossil-fuel industry.

“You can have fracking or you can deal with climate change –you can’t do both.”

Across the country, people are calling on the government to respect local democracy and stop forcing fracking on communities.