Government sets net zero carbon target by 2050

Press release
But don't fiddle the figures, warns Friends of the Earth
  Published:  11 Jun 2019    |      1 minute read

Responding to Theresa May’s announcement that the UK will today table legislation to set a target for net zero carbon emission by 2050, Friends of the Earth chief executive Craig Bennett said:

“In the dying days of a premiership characterised by chronic inaction on climate breakdown, this sends a powerful message to industry and investors that the age of fossil fuels is over.

“But it is disappointing that the government has ignored its climate advisors recommendation to exclude carbon offsets – as well as caving into Treasury pressure to review the target in five years’ time.

“Fiddling the figures would put a huge dent in our ability to avoid catastrophic climate change – and the government’s credibility for taking this issue seriously. Having declared a climate emergency, Parliament must act to close these loopholes.

“2050 is still too slow to address catastrophic climate change, the UK can and must go faster. The next prime minister must legislate to end our contribution to climate breakdown earlier, put carbon-cutting at the centre of policy-making and pull the plug on plans for more roads, runways and fracking.

“It’s now time to build the carbon-free future that science requires and the public are so loudly demanding.”


Editor’s notes

1. Friends of the Earth says the target must include the impact of aviation and shipping - as recommended by the Committee on Climate Change.

2. Friends of the Earth led the campaign for the Climate Change Act (2008).