Government taken to court over failure to deal with climate change

A group of 11 concerned citizens are suing the government over their poor performance on global warming.
  Published:  08 Dec 2017    |      1 minute read

In response to Plan B taking the government to court over failure to increase its climate ambition in line with the Paris Climate Agreement, Simon Bullock, Friends of the Earth climate campaigner, said:

“If you were in a ship which was sinking, you’d act immediately to bail it out. We’re already seeing catastrophic climate impacts across the planet - from increased flooding and drought to wildfires and more severe storms - at just one degree of global warming.

“Our government has had two whole years to increase its climate ambition in line with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5 degree target, and not acted. This legal case rightly puts the spotlight on our political leaders’ ongoing failure to protect humanity and nature from the worst threat it has ever faced.

“We need action in every sector of our economy. The UK has made some progress in increasing renewables and cutting coal, yet so many parts of our political establishment remain wedded to a high-pollution economy: advocating airport and road expansion, fracking, and North Sea Oil drilling. The people taking this case represent a broad section of humanity, all of whom deserve far better from our political leaders, immediately