Plaid Cymru manifesto - Friends of the Earth reaction

Continuing our responses to party manifestos as they are published, Plaid Cymru today launched theirs and Haf Elgar from Friends of the Earth Wales gives comment.
  Published:  22 Nov 2019    |      1 minute read

Commenting on the Plaid Cymru General Election manifesto launched today (22 November), Haf Elgar, Director of Friends of the Earth Cymru, said:

"We warmly welcome Plaid Cymru's pledge to create a zero waste Wales by 2030, with a commitment to the policies to make it happen.

"The manifesto contains an impressive list of green infrastructure projects, from tidal lagoons and warmer homes to bus and rail schemes to get the nation powered, warm and moving cleanly. And not a road building scheme in sight.

"Opposition to destructive UK schemes such as Heathrow airport and HS2 is also good to see. Though Wales’ contribution to aviation emissions needs to be properly acknowledged.

"However, Plaid's proposals for tackling farming’s contribution to the nature and climate emergency fall short of the mark, with a commitment to continuing direct farm subsidies rather than ensuring they are only for sustainable agriculture."

Friends of the Earth is calling on all political parties to commit to the following policies in their 2019 General Election manifestos: