Anti-discrimination and harassment: what Friends of the Earth is doing

  Published:  06 Mar 2023     |       2 minute read
Environmental justice recognises the climate crisis as a social and political problem, as well as an environmental one. This means acknowledging that struggles are interconnected and, by doing so, fighting for solutions that create a more sustainable planet, and a fairer and more just world. This is why we believe all of our staff and wider network and the work we do must be free from discrimination and harassment. Find out more by reading our statements.

Gender pay gap at Friends of the Earth

  Published:  01 Dec 2020     |       1 minute read
At Friends of the Earth, we're striving hard to ensure the rights of all our employees are upheld. That includes monitoring the gender pay gap, taking measures to address any discrepancies and being transparent with our supporters.

Climate justice and anti-racism

  Published:  30 Sep 2020     |       2 minute read
We need a diverse range of voices to solve global problems and achieve social justice, yet the climate movement is still overwhelmingly white and middle-class. Find out what Friends of the Earth is doing to become actively anti-racist.