Our CEOs Miriam Turner and Hugh Knowles

Published:  18 May 2020    |      Last updated:  18 Nov 2020    |      1 minute read
Miriam Turner and Hugh Knowles are interim co-CEOs at Friends of the Earth,. Following a successful application in Autumn 2020, they will become permanent co-CEOs in January 2021.

Coronavirus: 9 tips to beat the stay-at-home blues

Published:  01 Apr 2020    |      6 minute read
As the COVID-19 crisis deepens, it’s clear most of us will be spending a lot more time at home. Dealing with that is going to be easier for some than others for all sorts of reasons ranging from personality to available space. Read our 9 tips and see what suits you best.

Teach the Future and Friends of the Earth

Published:  04 Dec 2019    |      2 minute read     |        |    Craig Bennett
Friends of the Earth's CEO Craig Bennett introduces "Teach the Future", a collaborative campaign aimed at forcing a review into climate education across the UK's national curriculum and ensuring our young people receive an education that will prepare them for the future they are facing.