Sick of sewage and pollution?

The UK’s rivers and seas are awash with pollution. Sewage was poured into our rivers for more than 440,000 hours in 2023. 

A trip to the seaside is now more likely to serve up a stench of sewage rather than the nostalgic waft of paper-wrapped chips. And there’s a higher chance of spotting brown foam on a riverside walk, instead of otters and kingfishers. 

Shockingly, current laws, monitoring and regulation are too lax, and mean water companies and factory farms can get away with polluting our rivers and seas.

If only we could punish polluters for the damage they cause... 

Give a sh*t about our rivers and seas?

How would a new law help?

When we breathe dirty air, eat food grown in toxic soils, and swim in water filled with sewage, it's bad for our health. 

Not only that, it destroys habitats and impacts our precious wildlife in multiple ways.

Here in the UK, the laws aren't currently strong enough to hold polluters accountable for the damage they cause. Campaigner Rachel O'Connell explains why a new law could help fix that and make a real difference to people's lives.

Sewage flowing from a pipe into the sea