Northern Forest backing welcomed - but government must do more to protect ancient forests and nature

Press release
Every child should be given right to experience nature every day
  Published:  07 Jan 2018    |      1 minute read

Commenting on government backing for the Woodland Trust’s proposed coast-to-coast Northern Forest, Friends of the Earth Senior Nature Campaigner, Paul de Zylva, said:

“England is one of the least wooded nations in Europe, so government backing for the new Northern Forest is extremely welcome.

“But it’s a supreme irony that the current routing of HS2 threatens 35 ancient woodlands north of Birmingham. We need new forests and ancient woodlands - not one or the other.

“Well-managed woodland brings numerous benefits from absorbing carbon and helping to prevent flooding to aiding public recreation and learning, as well as the pure enjoyment of the outdoors.

“Communities across England also face threats to their local parks and green spaces through developments and council cuts.

“Ministers must do far more to rescue the UK’s declining nature, and give every child a right to experience it every day.”