Government greener farming vision must have adequate funding and bold ambition

Press release
EU environmental regulations must also be maintained and strengthened, says Friends of the Earth
  Published:  27 Feb 2018    |      1 minute read

Commenting on the government consultation on its post-Brexit plans for agriculture, launched today (27 February), Friends of the Earth farming campaigner Sandra Bell said:

“The environment must be at the heart of our future agriculture policy – public subsidies have been used to fund destructive food and farming practices for far too long.
“It’s great to see pesticide reduction, improving soil health, cutting climate change emissions and supporting wildlife in the Government’s to do list.  To deliver these in a way that reverses current damage will need adequate funding and bold ambition – including clear targets. 

“Environmental measures need to be taken up across all farmed land - not just in isolated patches of good practice. A wholesale move towards farming with nature will make it more resilient to future challenges too.
“But a fresh approach to agriculture can’t work by itself. EU regulations that protect our environment must be maintained and enhanced – not sacrificed to cut red tape - and any new trade deals which undermine green standards or animal welfare must be rejected.”