UK Plastics Pact launched

Friends of the Earth plastics campaigner Julian Kirby reacts to launch of the UK Plastics Pact – a commitment by 42 businesses to tackle plastic pollution.
  Published:  26 Apr 2018    |      1 minute read

“Tough action from the makers and marketers of packaged goods is urgently needed to tackle the tsunami of plastic pollution entering our oceans.

“The Plastic Pact is certainly a move in the right direction, however government measures are also needed to ensure everyone plays their part, and that these targets are actually met.

“To discourage industry from using virgin plastic, and to boost their recycling and re-use of the material, regulations and taxes should be introduced.

“But ultimately the only long term solution is a complete phase-out of plastic for all but the most essential uses. Ministers must draw up an action plan, covering all plastic-polluting sectors, including clothing, cosmetics and vehicles, to make this a reality.”