Climate put centre stage with its own TV election debate

Friends of the Earth comments on news that Channel 4 are to host a climate election debate.
  Published:  21 Nov 2019    |      1 minute read

Following a campaign from students, activists and green groups including Friends of the Earth, Channel 4 have today (21 November) announced they are hosting a general election TV debate dedicated to the climate.

Friends of the Earth campaigned for a climate debate and Aaron Kiely, the green group’s climate spokesperson, said:

"The public have been calling loud and clear for a proper debate where all parties present their plans for the climate and ecological crisis we face. The climate and nature emergency will leave no aspect of life untouched so it’s understandably dominating this election."

A climate debate became popular after it was launched by school strikers, students and other groups earlier this month. More than 500 scientists – including Sir David King, government adviser on climate change until two years ago – lent their support.

In the past two weeks, the campaign has received support from more than 70 organisations with a total membership of more than 10 million, more than 188,000 people have signed petitions supporting the campaign from climate charity Possible, Friends of the Earth, and Greenpeace.

Aaron Kiely concluded:

"All parties have to see this is the fight of a generation. We need urgent transformative changes to build a greener and fairer society so that we have a chance to come out the right side of this.

"This is the biggest challenge faced by humanity so how can it not be top of the agenda? People have taken to the streets to show how much they care about the climate crisis we face so it’s right that they hear what the parties’ plans are".


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