Friends of the Earth reaction to Green Party Manifesto

Press release
Friends of the Earth's reaction to the Green Party General Election manifesto released today (19 November).
  Published:  19 Nov 2019    |      1 minute read

Dave Timms, Head of Political Affairs at Friends of the Earth said:

"This manifesto throws down the green gauntlet to the other parties. It sets out in detail a massive and urgent response to the climate emergency that encompasses radical change from the most detailed local policies to international interventions.

“The Green Party are proposing ambitious measures across the board; from help for other nations to deal with the climate emergency, to insulation and eco-heating for millions of homes to cut emissions and bills.

“They also face up to the things we shouldn't be doing, such as aviation expansion, and even have mandatory hedgehog holes in garden fences to help protect nature. The question this manifesto poses is not one of ambition but whether they could develop the skills and supply chains quickly enough to deliver."


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