Liberal Democrat Manifesto - Friends of the Earth reaction

Strong climate and nature policies, but more needed to curb roads and runways
  Published:  20 Nov 2019    |      1 minute read

Commenting on the General Election manifesto launched today (20 November) by the Liberal Democrats, Dave Timms, Head of Political Affairs at Friends of the Earth said:

“The Liberal Democrats have unveiled numerous strong policies to address the climate emergency, especially when it comes to renewable energy, home insulation and forcing the to-often recalcitrant Treasury to play its role.

“They also have serious commitments and policies to restore our countryside, protect nature and stop plastic waste polluting our rivers, fields and oceans.

“But these green pledges are undermined by continued backing for expensive nature-wrecking HS2, leaving the door open to regional airport expansion and silence on need to end the destructive road-building programme.”

Friends of the Earth is calling on all political parties to commit to these policies in their 2019 General Election manifestos.


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