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Planet Protectors Inspire your family. Help save the planet.

We're the Planet Protectors

Our planet needs your help.

Every year plastic weighing the same as 1 million London buses gets dumped in our seas. And our planet is heating up too, making it harder for animals and humans to live happy, healthy lives.

Since August 2018 millions of school children have been protesting against the climate emergency. As well as supporting the protests, we’ve come up with a way to help your whole family become planet protectors.

When you sign up to a monthly donation, you’ll receive your special Planet Protectors pack full of ideas and activities on how to help save the planet.

What’s more, your monthly donation will help fund our vital campaigning work for a greener, fairer world.

What's in your pack?

💳 Personalised membership card – Nominate your family’s official Planet Protector with this personalised card

🗺 10 Tips to Save the World poster – See how many planet-friendly actions you can tick off together

📔 Planet Protectors handbook – 24 pages of fun activities to inspire you and the kids to go show our environment some love

🖼️ Plastic-free stickers – These colourful designs are perfect for decorating a lunchbox or creating your own protest placard

📁Planet Protectors wallet – Keep hold of all this cool planet-saving stuff with your own handy wallet

What else will you get?

We'll keep you up to date with all the latest environmental news and extra ways you can get involved. You'll also receive:

🌏 Green lifestyle tips

💧 Opportunities to take part in campaigns

♻ Our award-winning magazine so you can read about your impact first-hand

Our successes

As the world’s largest environmental community, supporters just like you have helped deliver our campaign successes.

✔️ Climate Change Act

We got a revolutionary bill passed – the Climate Change Act. It's the world’s first law designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

✔️ Recycling Act

That green bin on your doorstep is thanks to us. We drafted the bill (which was then made into a law) that brought recycling to every home.

✔️ Bee-harming pesticide bans

And we’ve protected bees. As a result of scientific evidence that we presented, the UK government and EU voted for a full ban on the use of three key "neonics" pesticides on all outdoor crops.

With your support, we can achieve amazing things together.