Climate resources for teachers

Published:  19 Oct 2021    |      1 minute read
If you’d like to boost your background knowledge about some of the topics covered in these lessons, head over to our educators’ reading list for some general and lesson-specific info and resources. 

KS3 resources
Climate Justice, hope and action

Published:  19 Oct 2021
Cross-curricular climate resources for teachers teaching KS3 children across a broad range of subjects. Whether you’re wanting to do a one-off class or a week-long set of lessons, we’ve got you covered. Download our comprehensive lesson packs which include PowerPoints, handouts, and lesson plans.

Who is most affected by the climate crisis?

Published:  21 Sep 2021    |      Last updated:  05 Sep 2022    |      3 minute read
Ahead of the UN climate talks, we look at the communities who are often overlooked when we talk about the climate crisis. We're all impacted, but those impacts are felt differently depending on who, and where, you are. Find out how.

About us

Published:  08 Aug 2021    |      Last updated:  03 Sep 2021
Find out about Friends of the Earth's core mission and how it's governed and funded, as well as who leads the different directorates and who sits on Friends of the Earth's Board.