Three ways heat impacts our lives

  Published:  15 Jul 2022     |       Last updated:  08 Dec 2023     |       2 minute read
Due to the climate crisis, we’re experiencing the impacts of high temperatures all over the UK. Find out about the consequences of this extreme weather.

Can our gardens survive without peat?

  Published:  30 Mar 2022     |       4 minute read
The world's peatlands are a vital tool against the climate crisis. But a lack of action together with ulterior motives mean these precious habitats are still exploited. Find out why the UK government should protect peat (and why our gardens won't suffer without it).

Who is most affected by the climate crisis?

  Published:  21 Sep 2021     |       Last updated:  05 Sep 2022     |       3 minute read
Ahead of the UN climate talks, we look at the communities who are often overlooked when we talk about the climate crisis. We're all impacted, but those impacts are felt differently depending on who, and where, you are. Find out how.

Ten things you should know about trade and climate change

  Published:  06 Aug 2021     |       3 minute read
Trade has a huge impact on the climate. But we just don't talk about it. The UK government has pledged to hit net-zero by 2050, and is hosting this year's UN Climate Talks. Yet the links between climate change and the ways we trade are often ignored.